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Friday, July 8, 2011

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Claustrophobia and Fun

So, everyone's headed down to the Free City, which is where things sorta calm for a little bit. Sorta. Of course, nothing is ever quite so straightforward in this game, especially when it comes to the "calm" bit...

Janice, Paige, and Katsuo: A Tight Squeeze
Paige quivered inside the robot. "THere's...something I have to do."

Katsuo said "If you don't mind me asking, what is it?"

Janice frowned, glancing at Katsuo, deciding to wait for Paige's answer before she said anything more.

Paige fidgeted. Her breath was shallow and spots were swimming in front of her eyes. "I need to get out of here..." she whimpered quietly.

Surprise, surprise. This was something I had no clue of. Kureaa informed me, shortly after the group plunged into the Free City, that Paige was claustrophobic. Or at least had tunnel issues. This makes things interesting. See, the Free City is centered in a series of caverns, located somewhere beneath/inside the Living City. There's not exactly any way that daylight can get in. At the moment, they had dropped into a tunnel, and there was no way back.

So we had a hyperventilating petite mechanic in the group.

We also had dialogue from the mechs; their sentience depends on their proximity to the Free City, so at this moment, they were very, very talkative. And so we got to have back-and-forth with the mechs and their pilots. Then Paige fainted.

And as they advanced down the tunnel...an immense sense of chaos began to emanate from the other end of it.

Janice, Paige, and Katsuo: Party Time
"This is the Free City," Ty replied, as if puzzled by the question. "The gods say you can't do stuff...it says...nothing is forbidden to you."

"So free is and free does. Huh. Well freedom ain't new to me." ==Janice, the girl== "Right you are friend. If you would find someone to help our friend here, we would be grateful, welcoming guy!"

At the end of the tunnel was a gigantic cavern, filled with godblind who were, well, exercising their freedoms with reckless abandon. Somebody had managed to figure out how to make alcohol, and things were spiraling downhill from there. The newcomers really didn't know what to make of it.

Then a perky kid named Ty ran up in his mech, welcoming them to the Free City. He sorta explained how things worked to the people: nothing is really forbidden, or at least that's what the claim was. They pressed him to find a doctor, and he led them to a cave in the side of the cavern.

Janice, Paige, and Katsuo: Nap Time
"A...personal light?" the doctor murmured. "We don't have any of those...never needed them in the Living City...and the Free City had its own..."

Katsuo asked, "You don't have a mini flash like like for surgery?"

"Or a light switch?" Janice added.

The doctor shook his head. "I think...we should all take the City's advice for now. Let's get some rest. We are still the rebels."

The doctor managed to get Paige sorted out, bringing her back to consciousness, eventually. That was when the City instructed everyone to go to sleep. Apparently, it had reasons for them to be well-rested. It backed that up by plunging everyone into total darkness. That produced interesting results.

Then, Janice got landed with a very strange, vivid dream. It wound up having a few distinct parts.

  • She dreamed of seeing two individuals: a powerful brown-skinned man and a pale dark-haired woman, both in a great city, who had a boy captive. And there was something powerful about the two of them...they definitely weren't normal citizens of the Living City.

  • She dreamed of being kept captive by a creepy scientist, who had her strapped to a lab table, and who was about to implant something into her, surgically.

  • She dreamed of watching herself and the rest of her group, creeping up behind a squad of Protectors, near a building.

  • She dreamed that she was the pilot of the red-and-grey mech, being killed by the mysterious woman whom she had met earlier.

And she woke up, very very confused. Of course, these dreams would all play into things in the future...

Next Time:
We meet a newcomer, and it's time to head out and find a lost love...

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