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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dystopia and Giant Robots: A Ghost

I'm gonna start divvying up the posts into "dreamworld" and "real world" segments, now, because that's a simple way to manage them. There isn't a whole lot of intercrossing between the two, so they shouldn't be hard to line up right. So without further ado, let's have a little more of what happened outside, while Paige was dreaming away...

Katsuo, Janice, Eric, & Paige: Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed
Janice glanced up at Katsuo, but looked back to Paige immediately. "Oi, tell me what you remember, alright Little Red?"

" came into was all dark, and I don't remember what else was happening..."

"You were screaming about to explain that?"

Katsuo said looking square in the eye.

"Nathan?" Paige looked lost. "He was in there?"

Janice's eyes narrowed, "You remember anything from when you were out? Yer dream?"

"It was big, and scary,"

As Paige settled down, the group began talking about taking her to a doctor, such as the one they'd met earlier in the Free City. Katsuo sharply wanted to avoid anyone's attention, and Eric was very urgently concerned about finding a doctor and Nathan, whom they figured had probably gone to a doctor. Then, the unexpected happened.

Paige woke up, and started talking. Kats was extremely suspicious, and now everyone definitely wanted to get her to a medic, so that they could get her checked out. This case was becoming weirder by the moment. They took her down a hall, aiming to get her quickly to the doc.

Paige, Katsuo, Janice, Eric, & Godblind: Flying Colors
"Sorry," one of the girls said. She was tall and wiry, with short black hair. "Way's closed."

"Why?" he asked confused.

The other boy, who had been standing in the back, stepped forward. He had short, spiky brown hair, and stood short and tough. "Because we say so. This is our turf."

Katsuo snickered, "Oh really last time I checked we were all Godblind."

"And these Godblind," the first girl gestured to the group, "are not you Godblind."

As they turned a corner, they met with a strange sight: Godblind wearing green scarves. (In hindsight...oh gosh, it's the Earth Nation!) One of them was Darry, there were two girls, and then another boy. The group reluctantly let them pass, under the pretense of a medical emergency, but the whole encounter left them all befuddled.

They went on towards the office, but didn't find anyone. A woman in a green headband told them that a "Godseed" had gone to get the doctor for something, and they hadn't shown back up yet. And then, Paige dropped the act, because she was tired of acting.

Because, apparently, it wasn't Paige's consciousness in the body. Calling herself Ghost, the mystery individual started to make demands on the group, in exchange for returning Paige's body...

Next Time
Paige and Ivy find someone...

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