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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dystopia and Giant Robots: Slipping Into Crisis

So, last week, we started to dip into Paige's ventures in dreamland, as everyone on the outside tried to figure out what had just happened. We met a new character, and Janice started dream-crashing.

Paige and Ivy: A Sinister Face
"No, no, PLEASE..." she begged, starting to cry.

"Paige? Do you know him? I think maybe we should run it looks violent"

"It's...over..." Nathan said, as the cockpit fully opened, the man's mouth twisted at one corner, his face clearly visible. "The Godblind..."

"Run, Ivy..." she whispered, wiping her eyes and standing back up to her full height. "NATHAN!" she screeched. "Don't you DARE shoot!"

"Everyone dies..."


Still rather baffled by Janice's sudden appearance and disappearance (after she punched a hole straight through a wall), Ivy and Paige went onward, walking into this newly unveiled Living City, skies a fiery red. It was empty and felt hollow, and they began wandering through the streets. There was a crash, and Ivy suddenly panicked as a mech came into view with a hail of gunfire.

It was Nathan in the mech, though its cockpit was cracked. His whole body was enmeshed with technology, and his personality seemed very drastically twisted. Advancing, he started trying to shoot up the two of them.

A Brief Interlude
A short man in a lab coat sat in the corner of the building, holding his head in his hands. Outside, it was silent, for now, in the Living City. He looked up at the table, with its passenger and apparatus.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered.

And yet, in his mind, he could see Hinden, could see what the god had done to the men who failed him. Yet he took one last look at the girl in his makeshift laboratory. Ivy.

Paige and Ivy: One Word

She grabbed ahold of his shirt and shook him. "What the hell does that mean? Nathan!"

Tubes attached to his body began to come loose. A low growling cry came from his throat.

"What?!" she gasped, pulling at him again. "Nathan!"

Nathan's mech was twitching and convulsing even as he tried to attack, however, so he didn't make much progress. In fact, he was on his last legs. As the mech broke down, Nathan collapsed inside of it, oozing fluid and other such gross details. He had only a single word for the two of them: "Orion".

Paige, desperate, tried to pull Nathan free of the wreckage, but Ivy noted that he was already dead. Paige broke down, but then slowly began to get a sense that something was very, very wrong about this entire situation. She realized that there was something...off about all of it. And just as she realized that, Ivy noticed a literally shadowy figure that melted back into the shadows as Paige looked at it.

Next Time
Paige's return...ish.

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