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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paper Empires: Assets

Assets are the last thing which floats around in Paper Empires 2.0, being a little less powerful and a little less tied down than Provinces. Although they're not quite a core of your empire, they're the tools which you use to take various actions. Every action works through an appropriate Asset, and you'll gain a great advantage by having the right Asset.

Prepared for War
Military Assets are the easiest Assets to understand. A Military Asset is an army or a navy, and is generally rated with multiple dice, such as a 3d6 Military Asset or a 2d8 Military Asset. You'll use Military Assets to occupy Provinces and put down revolts.

Diplomatic Assets are used to broker treaties with opponents...and to spread your culture to other empires. They are usually rated with a single die. You'll use your diplomats to gain information from other empires, to sway their people, and to impose treaties on an opponent.

Peacetime Benefits
Trade Assets are caravans and corporations. A Trade Asset represents your wealth, condensed into some tangible form. Trade Assets are rated with multiple smaller dice, usually d6s, and are always rolled before the other dice in the pool. Any dice that roll "1" are removed from the Asset permanently. You'll use Trade Assets to keep your people happy, and to boost production.

Culture Assets are famous artists and cultural trends, able to focus your empire's culture into one spot. Rated with a single die, they're expendable as if the die belonged to your Dynasty Pool. You'll use Culture Assets to boost your Provinces' culture, and to increase your cultural presence in other Provinces where it already exists.

Sample Assets
4d6 Massed Infantry (Military Asset)
d8 Johannes Schmidt (Diplomatic Asset)
5d6 The Great Bazaar (Trade Asset)
d12 Jacquesseau (Culture Asset)

Next Time
What are these "actions"?

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