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Friday, July 13, 2012

Unspent: All's Well That Ends Well

Here's a link to a listing of the Unspent posts, if you're a newcomer to this.

And here it comes: the final moments of Unspent. The Fae lord just crashed through the door, and things are about to get ugly. Just as they'd figured out that the child's search for his mother was powering the whole Fae madness, things got a lot worse. Just as the Fae lord entered the room, I had everyone make a Resolve + Presence roll with a -3 penalty. George's player burned his last point of willpower and managed enough successes to stay unaffected. Ivy's player got 4 successes. Sharon's player burned a point of Willpower--and nothing.

Shot Through the Heart
"That woman must be destroyed." This command took root in Sharon's heart, and she pulled a gun on Rachel Strait. Ivy's unflappable gaze caught her in the eye, providing enough of a distraction to make the shot go wide. Meanwhile, George took up his own gun, and shot the Fae lord.

In that single moment, three things happen.
  1. George feels an immense power coming from behind him.
  2. Ivy sees the child and mother reaching out towards one another, and their hands meet.
  3. As the bullet hits the Fae, a katana blade pierces his heart from behind.

And with the whispered line "'Tis deeds must win the prize," the Fae lord died. And then there were three strangers standing on the stage in the school theater, with no idea how they'd gotten there.

When Did That Happen?
None of them knew one another, nor how they'd gotten there. The time? Just around when the disappearances had begun at the old church in Shrewsburg, at least, originally. But that wasn't why George had come there. He'd been meaning to investigate some haunting or something in the town. Sharon remembered that she was just about to be transferred there. Ivy went to the high school there. And all of them have the nagging feeling that something binds them together.

Ivy noticed that her journalist's notebook was now filled with writing, writing that recounted strange events involving the three of them (and Bryce and Leona), a lot of strange things that never happened--at least, that's how it felt...almost. There was also a high-quality katana on the floor, with a note attached: "Please return to Mel Giarde. I don't need it any more. Jake"

That name stirred something in their memories, and it's mentioned but once in the notes, at the end: "Remember Jake." Beneath the writing was an address in Chicago, Illinois. And they started talking, all talking about that funny feeling they had, that they were all connected. So, they made to get outta the theater with the katana.

As one last note, a kid called Jim Denning poked his head in, and helped to escort them all back out.

And that's the story of how I threw Steven Moffat and Changeling: the Lost into a blender and came out with something really cool.

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