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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unspent: Fairly Faerie

Here's a link to a listing of the Unspent posts, if you're a newcomer to this.

Well, everything started going nutty. Completely loopy. Come to think of it, this would be the perfect soundtrack to what was happening in the game. And everyone decided that it was time to follow the little kid with the burlap sack, through all of the madness, as the Hedge began taking over the real world.

From the Streets to the House
They started pressing through the streets, and saw some hobgoblins, ogre-like creatures with tusks and horns, stomping after a crowd of townspeople, one of them scooping up a screaming woman from the crowd. Pounding through all of the mess, they managed to spot the child again, tailing him through the town. He was walking up the steps to a house, the only house in the neighborhood that wasn't filled with plant growth. There were also a bunch of the spools unraveling as they rolled down the street, and a six-pack of beer nearby with a sign that read "Colored".

Inside the house, there was a woman in a charcoal dress, pressing herself back into a chair, as the child stood there, saying "Mooooooooooommy..." George's attempt to get information from her backfired badly, and the plant growths began to crash in as she screamed. George grabbed her to drag her away from the windows, and this made her go near-beserk. After George let her go and Ivy started to soothe her, she calmed down slightly. George, rising, noted that the boy was reaching in his direction, and barely managed to jerk back.

Answers and Closure
"Look at him..." the woman cried, hardly saying anything, pointing at the child, not daring to look herself. "Mommy!" insisted the child, lunging at George (who was in the way). And as George avoided the kid, Sharon whisked the bag off its head. The child's face was monstrous, with tusks and horns, just like the faces of the hobgoblins the group had seen outside. Sharon asked the mother why the creature was calling her "Mommy".

And the mother slowly confirmed: it was her son. And the group realized--this unfulfilled desire was the one powering everything. That's when huge amounts of plant growth blasted through the door, and a fair, keen figure stepped through. The Fae lord had arrived.

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