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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Unspent: New Problems

Here's a link to a listing of the Unspent posts, if you're a newcomer to this.

After the crazy stuff happened at Bryce's apartment, everyone opted to stay the night at George's place. In the morning, Sharon got a call from one of her co-workers at the police station, saying that "weird stuff" was going on, that it was complete bedlam over there, with everything unraveling. She headed out to go see that, and then other people started to wake up.

Back At the Apartment
Ivy and Bryce were the next to wake, and as Ivy went to go cook some eggs up, she engaged in mild conversation with Bryce. The biggest point that came up first was that Ivy mentioned the missing Sheriff. Then, Leona stumbled in, in that "need coffee" sort of zombie state. She groaned an assent to some eggs, and sat down at the table. The conversation continued, as Bryce started asking questions about why the Sheriff had been there, and what he was looking for.

Ivy asked him why he was so inquisitive, and he offered boredom as a motivation. He said that he just found it interesting. At that point, he left, going on to read a book about haunted houses in Louisiana, though he wasn't paying much attention to it, as Ivy observed.

Chaos Station
The police station was an absolute riot. With no Sheriff to keep things rolling, things were a mess, especially because there had been a spate of disappearances: three men and two women, all vanished from the same spot of town. Even more interestingly, near the houses of one of the women and two of the men, there were notes that had one single word: "Ivy". The police were trying to establish a connection between the notes and the other woman, whose house had ivy growths near it.

Sharon got this information from her co-worker, Ed, managing to get his attention with coffee. The poor guy was rushed beyond all belief, as the whole department tried to assuage the town's concerns, with the phones ringing off the hook. With this new information, Sharon headed back to the apartment, ready to sort it out.

Prepping Time
When Jake rolled out of bed, he found that Leona had fallen asleep at the table, Ivy was hanging around, and Bryce was still reading. Somewhat curious about Bryce's own Fae experiences, Jake asked him if he had any special abilities. Bryce concisely replied, "I talk to cats." He seemed to be pretty dodgy about anything else, directing to Leona for any other answers.

They kept talking, and Leona stalked through on her way to the bathroom for a shower, a glare of death in her eye. Sharon returned not too shortly after, and they all compared notes. Sharon, talking to Ivy, unwittingly mentioned the notes that Ivy had found, and the truth came out. Ivy noted that all of them had shown up in proximity to Fae activity, and Sharon mused on a connection between them and the cracks. Finally, all of the notes got shown, including the initial "Don't trust Bryce." Bryce seemed pretty chill and okay with that, as they all agreed that they were on the same page now.

Finally, Jake did some hacking to get information. They figured out that all of the vanished people were connected in some way to children, whether by having a large family, running a daycare, being the best babysitter in the area, or being a widower with two sons. Now prepped, Ivy and Sharon opted to go with Bryce to the house of the widower who had vanished.

As they arrived, Ivy and Sharon decided to walk around the house. That's where they glimpsed a very strange sight: a child, nearby, wearing a burlap sack on its head, looking right at them.

Next Time:
"Are you my mommy?"

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