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Paper Empires

Paper Empires is what would happen if European boardgames were the influence for an RPG, instead of the wargaming which was the impetus behind Dungeons and Dragons and its descendants. It's an RPG of empire-building, of great dynasties clashing against one another.

Smells Like Free RPG (Intro)
How It Started
The Lowdown and Basics (Provinces and Attributes)
A Little Chit-Chat (Diplomacy)
The Art of Succession (Dynasties)
The Dun Crow Donnoleys (Sample Dynasty)
The Ivory Ring Islands (Factions and Locations)
Paper Empires Alpha Release 0.1

Paper Empires is currently going through a revamp based on the Cortex+ system, so here's the new posts!

Paper Empires: the Revival!
Paper Empires: Building a Dynasty
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