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Here's a listing of the various post series that I've put up on the blog. The articles are arranged in order of publication.

Dice Profiles: wherein I take a little look at the dice we all know and love.
The d6
The d4
The d12
The d10
The d8
The d20

Plotting and Paradigm: another way to look at the basic movement of an RPG story.
How to Open a Story
Shaking it Up
Resetting Things

Links: the filler posts I did, with links to a lot of cool RPG blog posts.
March 29, 2011
March 25, 2011
March 12, 2011
March 5, 2011
February 26, 2011
February 19, 2011
February 12, 2011

Breakin' Down the Christmas Tree: An early series of articles I did about replacing magic items in 4th Edition D&D.
Part 1: Intro
Part 2: the Streetfighter school
Part 3: the Wild Arrow school
Part 4: the Empty Fist school
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